Intelomed® TeleHealth Technology.
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InteloMed® TeleHealth Technology is an innovative combination of patented algorithms for biometric data, facial detection technology, and everyday visualization devices. It’s a game-changer.

Telemedicine began with virtual appointments created by readily available communication tools capable of real-time visualization (computers, tablets, and phones). Healthcare professional and patient could see each other for dialogue and assessment.

Other companies expanded this model by shipping monitoring equipment for patients to use at home with data transmitted back to the professional. This creates a mini-physician office in the home to accomplish remote patient monitoring.

InteloMed® advances the science by using visualization devices to generate real-time health metrics. Using a facial scan of the patient during the consultation, the healthcare professional receives immediate real-time health metrics to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning. That’s ITT!: InteloMed TeleHealth Technology

InteloMed® TeleHealth Technology (ITT!) is not FDA-cleared, and it is not currently for sale.